BJU Faculty on the Tina Anderson Case

I found this Facebook exchange relating to the Tina Anderson trial on another blog and would like to share it in full here.

Welcome to a new world…a world where Dr. Chuck Phelps does everything right and Tina Anderson did everything wrong…

… a world where a 15 year old girl can consent to sex with a 39 year old man…

… a world where Tina Anderson is a moneygrubbing gold digger…

… a world where pastors are Christian and victims are chopped liver. “But I’m always going to side with a Christian?” Since when is a pastor more Christian than a young mother?
… a world where Jocelyn Zichterman, herself the victim of physical, sexual abuse by two current, well-regarded IFB pastors in her family, needs to pipe down “and her foolish website.”
Also … Yes! Inside information from somewhere inside the not-a-network!!! Was this information known by the jury?! Can we hear this information too? It sounds important!
… a world where everyone is the victim except for the actual victim.
Others at Bob Jones University promote the same position as Mike Shrock does above.Chuck Phelps is a very important person in BJU circles. That’s why compassionate nuggets like this were broadcast along the way.

This sounds suspiciously close to the passages Chuck Phelps read to Tina during his unwarranted investigation into her assumed complicity.

And another BJU professor, Dan Wooster, posted a letter about this matter on his website:

The letter goes on and one with “facts” that were later disproven under oath. To ratchet up the irony even further, the letter closes with a quote from a song written by Jocelyn Zichterman‘s husband, “A Passion for Thee.”

Of course Mike Shrock or anyone is allowed to have their own opinion (theoretically, that is. I challenge him to have a different opinion and see how long BJU keeps him).
But isn’t it just a bit disingenuous for everyone to pretend like they’re not in touch with each other. Isn’t it just a touch odd for everyone to have the same ideas and opinions on this, even though a fair trial by an unbiased jury proved these ideas fallacious and wrong?
I think it’s very odd.
* Note: The text of the Facebook posts above were posted here just as they were turned in (no, not the kind of “turned in” you get at BJU. The submission process, silly). That means the annoying “double posting” of repeated sentences is original. It seemed best just to leave it as is.
What disgusts me the most about this is that I know these people.  My parents are friends with them to this day.  I grew up with them, and with their kids.  It turns out that they’re all trying to cover up some bad shit rather than admit that what happened was wrong.
While I know that they will reap what they sow, it still angers me that an institution that is supposed to be so godly can completely ignore the real issue.  God, I’m glad that I got out of the IFB.

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