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Nice & Blue

As I have stated before, I was adopted into the family of an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) pastor and his wife, both Bob Jones University graduates, who at the time were pastoring a church in Wyoming.  When I was just shy of two years old, the family moved to another church in the buckle of the bible belt – Greenville, South Carolina.  It is here that I spent the next ten years of my life surrounded by just about every fundy superstar there is.
When I say Fundy superstar, I speak of those in the IFB movement that are about as close to gods and you can get without calling them gods (Please forgive the obsessive hyperlinking.  I feel it wise for people to recognize these people.).  Among the faces of my childhood you will find Dr. Bob Jones III, Ron & Shelley Hamilton(and crew), Frank Garlock, Tom and Ben Ferrell, Jim Berg, Tony Miller, Mark Minnick, Bob Bell, Gary Reimers, Jonathan Daulton and Steve Hankins, just to name a few.  Of that list, all are attached in some way to Bob Jones University, Soundforth, Majesty Music, the Wilds, or other fundamentalist strongholds.  In short, my family frequently rubbed elbows with the big wigs.   Continue reading


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