It needs to be understood that I grew up fully entrenched in the IFB system. After a long and hard road, I was eventually able to leave the cult.  I do not hate the people still in the IFB.  I still know and am friends with many of them.  Most are kind and godly people who mean the best but are confused and brainwashed by years of false teaching.  While the people may mean well, the damage is still done.

I will state things like I see them and have experienced them without compromise.  I will name names, and my words may be viewed as harsh. Even though I realize that everyone’s experiences in the IFB cult are different, and some people may be offended by what is written in this blog, I make no apologies for my experiences. This is my story, and I will tell it as it was.

I welcome constructive comments and support. If for some reason you think that I am in error, you have every right to that opinion, but I know who I am.  While I am not not hostile, I am not willing to stand for anything that calls into question the validity of my experiences or my credibility.

This blog is mainly to help me sort through all the crap in my head and get to the point where I can move on.  If you know of someone in a similar position who may be helped by reading what I have written, please feel free to share.  My only request is that you provide a link back to this blog if you choose to repost.

– Incurably Inane


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