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Disaster Tourism

After the events that I told of in Nice & Blue, I was pulled from my IFB school and home schooled though high school graduation.  I loved homeschooling for the most part, but didn’t realize what effects it was having on my mindset and thinking.  Everything I learned was taught from a biased viewpoint, whether it be BJU Press, Pensacola’s A Beka Book, or other fundamentalist sources such as Vision Forum and No Greater Joy.  For example, there was a ‘world history’ class in my junior year that spent the entire year not on the history of the world, but on church history, and particularly as it pertained to Martin Luther and Baptists.  Everything else was trivialized.  Remember the World Wars?  Those would seem essential to world history, but they were mostly skipped over, save that Hitler was used as an example of what happens if fundamentalism fails.  Yeah.  Hitler was fundy gone liberal.  I digress. Continue reading


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